No fear, no shame, we feel the same...
Creative Direction / Graphic design / Art Direction / Campaign Design

How were/are your days before getting hired?

Many people do not like talking about this process, even when I ask them directly, most people just use one or two sentences to summarize it. Yes, these moments are not that shiny, and sometimes very dark.

But this process can contain much more. All those tears and laughs can help us to be who we are, and get to where we want to be...

A series of zines designed for Days Before Getting Hired, a personal project recorded my journey exploring the creative career path in Australia. These hand-made zines printed in A4 size paper, Riso printed, with love and patience.

Round & round & round, get all ya want...
Branding Design / Graphic design / Art Direction / Campaign Design

What do you want to record? I mean, if we do not have to think about the equipment or technology. 

Personally, I want to record every second of my life, though most parts are really normal, even boring. That does not matter. As you know, most of us are living in different boxes, and all our moments are being recorded as time spins.

This is an identity proposal for Program Records, which is a newly established local vinyl record pressing company, established in the inner north of Melbourne.

Round & round & round, what should be done...
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Campaign Design

Who wants to be sentenced? Nobody, okay? But why are people still getting sentenced anyway?

Here is a little story that even little children can understand. It all starts from you becoming a...... circle!

This series of conceptual visualisations was designed for The Sentencing Advisory Council’s social media campaigns. 

Small changes make huge differences...
Branding Design / Graphic design / Art Direction

Why do we need to rebrand? Why do we have to change? What new information do we want to express through the new brand? Do we really need a totally new brand?

A speculative rebranding project from general research to finding the core meaning of rebranding, from scratch to the whole system, from ACMI to everyone around.

This proposal was in the shortlist and was presented in ACMI X in 2018.

Make it from life, make it for fun...
Graphic design / Art Direction

Some gif images just want to find a stage to shine.

And here they are.

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and AfterEffects in 2018-2019.

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