My journey to the centre of Google Earth

Book Design

Led by: Stuart Geddes

Designed in 2017.
This book was selected to sell in
2018 Melbourne Art Book Fair.

Urku Portfolio

This book was made as part of a studio in the Master of Communication Design at RMIT University in the second semester of 2017, led by Stuart Geddes. The starting point for this book was the essay ‘Journey to the Centre of Google Earth’ by Simon Sellars. The essay was originally commissioned for NyMusikk’s Only Connect Festival of Sound 2014: J.G. Ballard. It was published in the Only Connect catalogue, May 2014, edited by Anne Hilde Neset and Audun Vinger. Thanks to Simon for his permission to republish this. The original essay can be found here: simonsellars.com/journey-to-the-centre-of-google-earth.

So my idea is to use this physical book to reflect my whole experience reading.
That includes me falling asleep while reading:
Urku Portfolio

And using social media and waiting for messages:
Urku Portfolio

The book was selected to sell in 2018 Melbourne Art Book Fair, and the digital version of this book is available here.

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