What & how & why, find the reasons behind...
Service Design / UI/UX Design / Creative Direction

With the habit of observing people - not in a creepy way tho, feelings, emotions and behaviours are the things I value the most.

Using service design skills, I designed a shared space in a community garden in Belgium, redefined the Digital ID product for AusPost, redesigned the experience for new designers to get into the new working environment for EY, gave a new understanding of the Swanston Library, developed the strategy of a safety APP for Metro Trains... A lot of projects working with different people in different cases.

In most of the projects, I always take the role of finding out the reasons behind and an active problem-solving methods provider.

I also use my communication design skills to let more people understand the ideas - let ideas stand out.

Cients: RMIT Swanston Library, AusPost, EY, Metro Trains.

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