xyxy is a designer with
#lifelongkindergarten spirit.

xyxy sometimes is a dog...

patient, quiet and loyalty

The idea of changing the world leads this ambitious designer doing everything, no matter she needs to go to any corners of the world to communicate, explore, share and learn. She enjoys using the design skills to make changes, no matter big or small, to the lovely space.

sometimes is a cat...

curious, expressive and sometimes crazy

Communicating with space and herself is what xyxy focuses, no matter the conversation is in the form of a brand, a book, a service, or a system. There are so many serious and important issues in her space, like food waste, global famine, energy crisis... and what to eat for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.

but loves sea otters the most.

cute look but strong heart

xyxy always believes that tomorrow will be better because of her wonderful tutors, friends, clients, and other heroes that she met along the journey. Thanks for always encouraging xyxy being herself and chasing what she dreams and values.

Some more stories about xyxy...

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