xyxy is a creative problem solver
with #lifelongkindergarten spirit.

Sometimes like a dog...

patient, quiet and loyalty

Since born in the year of the dog, I am always the one who believes tomorrow will be better because of my tutors, friends, clients, and other heroes that always encouraging me being myself, and chasing what I dream and value.

Sometimes like a cat...

curious, expressive and (sometimes) crazy

Designing, illustrating and coding are my main languages to communicate within space. When I am not working, I love sharing stories through zines (the new fairs are coming), blogs (like here), podcasts and open mics.

But like sea otters the most.

cute look but strong heart

The idea of using design skills to build meaningful connections leads me doing everything, no matter going here or there, no matter working alone or in teams, no matter taking days, months, or years.

(, )